Q: Can I access my records anytime I need them?
Advanced Records Management provides 24/7 access service. When you need access to your documents, just let us know in writing, by phone or by fax. Our delivery services include standard delivery, which covers normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Our emergency delivery covers after hours, weekends and holidays, and your documents are guaranteed to reach you within 2–4 hours of your request.

Q: What is your normal time for pickup and delivery? Are emergency delivery services available?
During regular business hours, 8am to 5pm, and under normal operating conditions, Advanced Records Management will deliver and pick up records the next business day. If you need an emergency delivery during regular business hours, we will deliver your records within 2–4 hours of the time we receive your request.

Q: How do you keep track of my records that are in storage?
We use a state-of-the-art barcoding system. With the bar code system we can scan and keep track of anything that comes in or out of our facility. This saves time, saves work and lessens the chances of error.

Q: What security measures control access to the building?
Your records are stored in a locked facility that is kept closed to the public. Only a limited number of our personnel have access to the storage areas. The facility is equipped with a security system that monitors 24 hours a day. Our security system exceeds State and Federal requirements for licensed document storage facilities.

Q. What is a key benefit of Advanced Records Management?
Documents are accessible immediately, and they are secure and safe. There will be no more storage costs at your workplace, and human labor is reduced dramatically since trips to the file room can be reduced to seconds with the click of a mouse.

Q. Why is document scanning important?
Studies have demonstrated that in paper-based systems, workers waste approximately 20% to 40% of their time searching for documents. Lost or misplaced paper files are a common problem with potentially disastrous results. The following statistics on document management highlight the operational issues associated with physical document management.

  • 90% of all corporate information resides on paper documents.
  • Of all documents that get handled daily in an average office, 90% are just shuffled.
  • The average document gets copied 19 times.
  • Companies spend $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document, and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document.
  • 7.5% of all documents get lost, 3% of the remainder get misfiled.
  • Professionals spend 5-15% of their time reading information, but up to 50% looking for it.
  • There are over 4 trillion paper documents in the U. S. and growing at a rate of 22% per year.