Since 1993, Advanced Records Management has provided Best-In-Class service to businesses of all sizes. Our process includes:

Document Management

Advanced Records Management can help you manage and monitor your records retention schedule if you choose, providing advice and expert consulting as necessary. We can also provide you with a customized reference manual that documents your schedule and processes. If you’re not sure which documents and records you should retain, we provide Record Retention Guidelines to help you.

Immediate Access to and Delivery of Documents

Each time you need a carton, file or document delivered or picked up, you simply email, fax or call to let us know when you want it: next day, same day, rush (immediately), or whenever you wish. We can locate a file in seconds, much faster than it takes for file clerks to get to the filing cabinet to manually search for documents. We make sure that you have immediate access to your records and documents, and we provide delivery when you need it. Advanced Records Management also offers Scan-On-Demand service for any document–anytime, anywhere.

Safe and Secure Document Transportation

Our professional staff uses our safe, secure, alarmed, climate-controlled company vehicles to pick up and deliver, ensuring that your documents are protected in transit. All vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers to minimize damage in the event of an emergency.

Tracking of Documents

When we handle your documents, each transaction is automatically recorded using the most current bar code technology. This provides a complete audit trail of who handled your documents, including when and where. It truly is a complete “Chain of Custody.” The technology we use is the same used by top records management companies worldwide, to ensure increased accuracy and minimize downtime. Advanced Records Management also has its own secure and proprietary database.

Other Document Management Services

Advanced Records Management can safely pack and ship or pick up your documents anywhere in the world, per your specifications. In addition, we can receive, inspect, store and ship printed materials, providing Just-In-Time inventory management for your facilities.

Shredding & Destruction

We’ve been safely and securely shredding confidential documents and products for over two decades. Let our seasoned team of professionals supply your business with locking security bins and a retrieval plan based on your schedule. Then, all your materials will be shredded and baled at our secure facility.

Billing and Record Keeping

We can provide billing and tracking by department or other unit, depending on your needs. Our systems allow us to customize reports for each customer and search for data in many different ways.