02 Nov 2015

Ransomware vs. Tape Backup

November 02, 2015Uncategorized

There is a pox running amok. It is called CryptoWall and if it snares you, things may not go so well for your network. Once this software gains a foothold in your system, it encrypts your data. Encryption is good, right? Not when criminals responsible for this “ransomware” demand as much as $10,000 in exchange for the encryption key that you must have to unlock your data.

  • According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, (IC3), these attacks began in mid-2014 and are growing. There have been 992 reports of incidents with losses totaling over $18 million dollars. The press release goes on to identify a number of protective measures including the use of antivirus software, enabling popup blockers and being skeptical. It also suggests, Always back up the content on your computer. If you back up, verify, and maintain offline copies of your personal and application data, ransomware scams will have limited impact on you. If you are targeted, instead of worrying about paying a ransom to get your data back, you can simply have your system wiped clean and then reload your files.”

That’s right, offline…as in backup tapes. USA Today underscores this point in their October 11 article on Ransomeware. Your only safe recourse is to have backups of your files — but not just any backups, since CryptoWall will attack any drives connected to the computer by a cable or network connection.” Tape backup is a tested and effective disaster recovery method. It is also offline, which makes it more effective in restoring a ransomware attack than a connected cloud-based system. Advanced Records understands tape management and we can help you recover from CryptoWall and other ransomware. To find out more, call us at (323) 727-7277 or e-mail us at Cartons@advancedrecords.com.