06 Jul 2016


July 06, 2016Uncategorized

The growth rate of information today, especially data in electronic formats, is unprecedented and will only continue its trajectory. This growth rate will increase the associated complexities of managing an organization’s privacy information assets, and the magnitude of risk to the business.  According to the International Association of Privacy Professionals, privacy is a “differentiator in today’s information economy. CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS INCREASINGLY DEMAND THAT THE COMPANIES THEY DO BUSINESS WITH DEMONSTRATE THAT THEY ARE COMMITED TO SAFEGUARDING DATA.”

Managing privacy should be a primary goal for all organizations. Information governance provides the framework for successfully meeting and sustaining this goal, either with a full-time Chief Privacy Officer or Data Privacy Officer, or through the use of a SIPO (Stand In Privacy Officer). ***

All organizations, large and small, must ensure they are protecting their privacy and highly confidential information to protect their business. Now is the time!

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*** ARM is your perfect “SIPO”. We understand data security and how to protect your company’s confidential information.  It’s a part of our service commitment to you.